Above the clouds

Who We Are

Our Story

As a young boy growing up in Tesuque, New Mexico, Pastor John Romero was influenced by grandparents and parents who devoutly loved the Lord. However, as an adult he experienced the frustration of religious thought and practices that did not satisfactorily answer his questions about life’s purpose and significance. His desire for truth and drive for understanding eventually led him to a Bible-teaching church in Kansas City, Missouri that ultimately revealed the answers he sought. Spurred on by teachers in that church who instructed him with in-depth study and appreciation for the Truth expressed throughout God’s Word, John became an ordained Pastor and dedicated his life to teaching God’s Word to any and all who similarly desire to understand the purpose for which God created them.

Having married his high-school sweetheart, Larri Ashbaugh, Pastor John eventually returned to the Santa Fe area intent on ministering the love of God and the Truth of Scripture to New Mexicans who he had continued to care for although his career had taken him away from the area he loved for so many years. Pastor John and Larri began more than 20 years ago with just a few close friends in an in-home Bible study. As that grew in attendance, they established Sangre de Cristo Bible Church and began renting space at the Santa Fe County fairgrounds. As the church continued to grow, they moved into the Genoveva Chavez Community Center. In 2015 they purchased the building at 2076 Galisteo Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico which they currently occupy.

In the new location, steadfastly continuing his dedication to the Bible, Pastor John taught a sermon series titled, Higherr Ground, based on the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. In the first three chapters that letter, the Apostle clearly presents God’s declaration that in His perception the believer is “positioned with Jesus Christ” in heavenly realms as a result of Christ’s work of redemption on the cross. In the final three chapters, Paul then contrasts the “condition” of the believer as he struggles to deal with life’s issues and temptations. The resulting challenge of Ephesians is to “strive daily to climb” so that the believer’s condition more closely resembles God’s declaration of his position in Christ, so that he grows to spiritual maturity becoming more like Christ every day. Pastor John’s sermon preparation and delivery was so personally impactful that he was moved to have the name of the church changed to Ascent Bible Church. The Ascent of Mt. Everest has become the model we use to encourage the continual striving for spiritual growth and sanctification of all who join us in our love of Jesus Christ and our pursuit of lives that honor and glorify God.

Our Vision Statement
Based on Our Five Vision Principles


Bring Glory to God (Worship: We Praise, Pray To, Worship, and Honor Him); by


Investing His Word in people (Edification: thru Discipleship, Bible Teaching, and Biblical Guidance); honoring one another in


Brotherly Love (Fellowship: Showing God’s Unconditional Love to All);


Living Committed Lives in service to Him (Ministry: to “Lost” and “Saved” Adults, Youth, & Children);


Equipped to Go into the World sharing His Glorious Gospel (Missions: Testifying to What God Has Done In and Through Our Lives)